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Michelle Downe   Anne Frost 

I began my journey with Crafty Pots Ceramics in the spring of 2013 after failing to find a good craft entertainment company for my 5 year olds birthday party.  
I had struggled to find anywhere locally offering this service and at a reasonable price. After some extensive product & market research, together with my partner we took the plunge and bought a kiln!

We were determined to offer a range of fantastic, personal products at a price that suits everyone’s budget.  

With this in mind, we have created a range of ceramic keepsakes and packages which can capture a unique point in our lives forever. Our keepsakes make wonderful gifts for Grandparents and loved ones who can so often be very tricky to buy for.


Having given up full time teaching and decided to throw caution to the wind and go back to University to do a Ceramics Degree, I was keen to follow my interests and impart my enthusiasm on crafts.

As a former teacher i wanted to use my skills to enthuse children and adults into finding their creative side (no skill needed!)

When Michelle and I were talking about the lack of crafting opportunities for the general public we began to investigate the idea of providing some craft activities at childrens parties and adult groups. And so the idea of Crafty Pots Ceramics was born.